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Element Gusto Nicotine Salt eLiquid Pods


Element Gusto Nicotine Salt eLiquid Pods


Element Gusto eLiquid Pods


For Aspire Gusto Mod ONLY


Pack Of 3 Pods

2ml / Pod

20mg/ml Nicotine

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Element Gusto eLiquid Pods

Designer Nicotine Salts or Ns/20 Nic. Salts. A next level vaping phenomenon, Element’s new nic salt e-liquid achieves maximum nicotine delivery with minimal hit, yielding optimum fulfillment within a smooth, flavorful vape experience. At 20mg, Ns20 offers the highest allowable nicotine content in the EU, and the quality is, shall we say, “elementally” unmistakable.

Liquid POD Activation and Installation

  • To Activate POD, grab the two silicone tabs and gently pull down away from the POD until the the two tabs snap off-the tank is now activated.
  • Take the POD and flick once or twice in a downward motion to speed up the the saturation to the atomizer. Once the bottom chamber is filled with liquid, let set for 2 minutes before use.

Additional information

Element Gusto Flavours

555 Tobacco, Frost, Honey Roasted Tobacco, Strawberry Whip, Watermelon Chill


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