Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Birthday Cake
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Blue Lemonade
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Cereal Milk
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Coffee Milk
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Dewberry Cream
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Kiberry Yogurt
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Mango Creme
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Milk & Cookies
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Smooth Tobacco
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Strawberry Custard
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Sweet Tobacco
Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid Vanilla Almond Milk


Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid

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Introducing the incredible Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid range! These 100ml Short Fill E-Liquids are a must for anyone looking for outstanding quality & above all, astounding flavour! Available in 12 unique & mouthwatering flavours, variety isn't an issue!


1 x 100ml Kilo Short Fill E-Liquid


100ml of E-Liquid

120ml Bottle Size

70% VG 30% PG Ratio

Contains Vegetable Glycerin

Contains Propylene Glycol

Does Not Contain Nicotine

20ml Space for two Nicotine Shots

Flavour Guide

Birthday Cake - Classic yellow cake, now layered with a smooth, creamy frosting and topped it with rainbow sprinkles. Let the party begin!

Blue Lemonade - Blue Lemonade is made with the goodness of fresh Lemons and the sweetness of Blueberries that will give you the deliciously refreshing flavour you know and love.

Cereal Milk - Cereal Milk is a delightfully nostalgic blend of your favourite breakfast with creamy milk. Cereal Milk by Kilo is flavour that captures the taste at the bottom of your breakfast bowl.

Coffee Milk - Coffee brew of bold beans, topped off with sweet and creamy milk. An enticing coffee vape to satisfy even the biggest coffee connoisseur!

Dewberry Cream - Heavenly honeydew cream flavour, impeccably fused with mixed berries. Smooth and beautiful, Dewberry Cream is a perfect balance between fruits and rich cream.

Kiberry Yogurt - Kiberry Yogurt is a delicious tart cream blended with fresh ripe strawberries with just a hint of kiwi, together creating a truly dynamic harmony between sweet-tart and Kilo’s signature cream flavours.

Mango Creme - Mango Creme is a filled with delectable sweet ripe mangos that are carefully layered with smooth creamy notes to bring you an all-time favorite e-liquid.

Milk & Cookies - The classic, sweet chocolate chip cookie, dunked into a glass of cold milk for everyone to enjoy! Who doesn't love milk and cookies?

Smooth Tobacco - Smooth Tobacco is made with a mild blend of tobacco leaves that are expertly crafted to make a smooth irresistible tobacco flavour.

Strawberry Custard - Strawberry Custard is an exciting blend of the strawberry puree that’s slowly infused with a creamy and delicious rich custard to create an ultimate strawberry crème flavour.

Sweet Tobacco - Sweet Tobacco is filled with rich tobacco flavours that are carefully infused with a level of sweetness that provides the smoothest complex profile for all tobacco flavour fans.

Vanilla Almond Milk - Give the delectable balance of roasted almonds and fresh milk a try, with this all day vape, guaranteed to put a spring in your step!