Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid A$AP Grape
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Bad Blood
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Cush Man
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Devil Teeth
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Fatboy
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Green Ape
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Slow Blow
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Trap Queen
Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid Wicked Haze

Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid

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Nasty Juice 60ml's are our full range line-ups of our signature three series. This includes all the original nine flavours. Nasty Juices 60ml's will give you an amazing experience from the feeling of satisfaction of opening the tin and seeing the aluminum bottle. The Nasty Juice 60ml bottles are specially designed for Nasty Juice, they come in signature Chubby Gorilla bottles with the Nasty logo engraved into every bottle. Each flavour that is a part of our Original 9 contains Low Mint.


1 x 50ml Nasty Juice Short Fill E-Liquid


50ml of E-Liquid

60ml Bottle

10ml of Mixing Space

30PG/70VG Ratio

Flavour Guide

A$AP Grape

Black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice.

Bad Blood

One of the most sought-after fruity flavours worldwide The freshly picked sweet blackcurrant's that are bursting with flavour and sprinkled them with cool mint leaves to leave you refreshed and wanting more.

Cush Man

You'll never find a juice like this. Cush Man is one of the best fruity tasting mango flavoured juices out there! An authentic taste with a beautiful and pleasant aroma will boost your appetite.

Devil Teeth

Smooth summery atmosphere best describes the fresh honeydew flavour. The taste when inhaled is pleasing while exhaled is captivating.


This flavour is a blend of ripe, juicy mango of the East. With a light sprinkling of mint to add extra freshness to this excellent vape.

Green Ape

Experience the goodness from this mild yet flavourful apple eliquid. The juice features just the right amount of sweetness coupled with the hint of tanginess of a fresh apple.

Slow Blow

The flavour of pineapple layered with Lemon soda that will surely make you taste its freshness without getting bored!

Trap Queen

This liquid contains a flavourful ripe strawberry, freshly harvested from a farm.
You'll be thrilled with the freshness and the sweetness of the fruit and it will make you feel like you're tasting the strawberry you've freshly picked yourself.

Wicked Haze

A mix of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates an extraordinary exhale taste. The lemonade layer is perfectly blended, creating a heavenly feel.