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NEAFS TEO Heating Device

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NEAFS Nicotine Stick Pack (20 Sticks) Original
NEAFS Nicotine Stick Pack (20 Sticks)

The NEAFS TEO heating device delivers 4x the usage of other similar brands, offering an improved and cost-effective performance.

The proprietary heating device deploys a leading-edge heating process that provides an unparalleled heated tobacco experience, with minimal cleaning required.

If convenience and usability are things you value in your tobacco heating device, TEO is the number-one choice on the market.


1 x NEAFS Teo device

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual


Brand: NEAFS
Patented heating technology
Size: 128mm x 80mm x 30 mm
Weight: 122g
Fast charging time: 1h 30m
Session length: 6 minutes/15 puffs
Compatible with: NEAFS sticks
Sessions per full charge: 20